A freelance career

I asked you about ethics and freelancing earlier, wanting to know if you think that consulting and freelance journalism are compatible. The answer was resounding “no” – not only of those of you who reacted on my blog post, but also of those familiar with the NGO and media business I spoke to offline. Some […]

Ethics and freelancing

I had an interesting conversation with a press relations guy and former journalist today. He currently works for the German branch of a large INGO, with which I did an internship a while back. I told him of my plans to become a freelance journalist and communications consultant and his immediate reaction was: “You can do […]

Why Burkina?

In my previous post I explained what I exactly plan to do in Burkina, once I’m there. That leaves the little question of why I chose Burkina Faso in the first place. I will be honest: the main reason for choosing Burkina over, say, Ghana, was that my girlfriend got a job in Ouagadougou (the […]