War is Boring: Africa Round Up

War is Boring: Africa Round Up
DR Congo The eastern Congo is about to enter a new cycle of violence. The rebels of the new organisation “M23” only control a limited area so far, but reportedly get stronger by the day. M23 is the result of the mutiny of several army units around Easter. These units were part of a former rebel group, the CNDP, which was officially disbanded and integrated into the army in 2009. As a reaction on the limited success of operations against the mutineers the army is concentrating more and more forces in the area surrounding the rebel strongholds on the border with Rwanda. ...

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World Politics Review: As Crisis Gathers, Northern Mali Needs More Than Just Military Intervention

Since April, when two Tuareg rebel groups drove government forces out of northern Mali, the situation in the sparsely populated region has steadily worsened. The lightning advance of the National Movement for the Liberation of the Azawad (MNLA), which seeks independence for the Tuareg homeland, and Ansar Dine, which has an Islamist agenda, triggered a coup of disgruntled junior officers against President Amadou Toumai Touré, with the resulting political instability in Bamako leaving the army incapacitated and the rebels the effective rulers of roughly half the country’s territory. Though the two groups worked together to launch the rebellion, Ansar Dine ...

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A business idea, revealed

So far, my freelance career went astonishingly well. I got published in a number of places, all of which I read regularly myself and hold in high regard. And Ieven got paid for it! My original fear, that making enough money to sustain myself here in Ouagadougou with writing would be hard, did not really materialize. But some things are still not the wayI would like them to be. Firstly, I spend more time pitching stories to editors than actually writing them. That sucks. And secondly, even if the money is enough for my current lifestyle, I can see how ...

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